Pull Tabs : 250 Tickets with 10 Daily Tickets


iPullTab Pro : 500 Tickets with 10 Daily Tickets
iPullTab MAX : 999 Tickets with 100 Daily Tickets!!!


Firm Applications is proud to present our instant win lottery style Pull Tab game for the iPhone and iPod Touch!

About iPullTab


iPullTab is a new fun and addictive game of chance for the iPhone that you will never want to put down!

You will find yourself salivating as you await your daily allotment of fresh new tickets to arrive so you can rip into 'em!

iPullTab is the first pulltab game available for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

Use the points you win in the Prize Room to unlock new levels, get more tickets and cool wallpapers too!

New Ticket Themes Coming Soon!




"i LOVE this game! it is tons of fun and soooo addictive!
i can't wait to get my new tickets everyday, and the sound effects rock!"

- S. Acheson NY,NY


"Truly a great game. Fun to get new tickets everyday and test my luck.
3 cool themes to choose from so yer not always playing the same tickets."

- D. Carruthers Toronto, ON


"If you like pulltabs, you will love this game!
totally addictive and entertaining. 5 stars!"

- M. Hilton San Jose, CA



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